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eFormatter is a unified web service which provides various types of online utilities such as serialization, Encryption-Decryption, format conversion etc. All the web services/utilities available in eFormatter.com are only used to help its users and provide relevant information.


Serializers/Formatters are one of the key utilities which allows user to format data into different ways that helps to understand or read non readable/understandable data. These online Formatter/Serializer services provides various types of data Serialization and Deserialization such as JSON object, XML document, SQL query/statements, CSS or JS code etc.

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Encryption and Decryption utilities are itself is self-explanatory services that does all modern encryption and decryption without storing any sensitive information provided into input. You can either encode or decode using Base64 utilities, encrypt or decrypt data with different ways like standard JWT, SAML etc.

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